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OPI Contact List


Thank you for your continued support of OPI. Please contact us with any questions or recommendations.

 Not sure whom to contact?  Call the main line at (800) 237-3454.


Ann King, Chief of Industries
Email: ann.king2@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone: (614) 315-1233

Matthew Newman, Financial Manager
Email: matthew.newman@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone: (614) 752.0300

Travis Hall, Regional Industry Manager 3
Email: travis.hall@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone: (614) 867-7112

Chelsey Stillings, Regional Industry Manager 3
Email: Chelsey.Stillings@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone: (614) 738-7859

Dina Miller, Regional Industry Manager 3
Email: dina.miller@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone: (614) 370-6281

Zach Taubenheim, Customer Service/Marketing Manager
Email: zachary.taubenheim@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone: (614) 813-2910

James Fryer, Sales Manager
Email: james.fryer@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone: (740) 412-5417

Rolland Jewell, Construction & Asbestos Abatement Services
 Email: rolland.jewell@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone: (614) 286-9417

Shaun Martin, Re-Entry Coordinator
Email: shaun.martin@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone: (614) 512-5922

Chris Mantle, OPI Warehouse
Email: michael.mantle@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone: (614) 345-8026

Ken Roe, OPI Printing Service, Awards & Signage
Email: ken.roe@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone: (614) 585-5359

David Cripe, OPI Vehicle Service Center
Email: david.cripe@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone: (614) 312-6908